My Name Is Michael And I Want To Show You How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation. I Was Searching For This Solution For 2 Full Months!!!


Nice to meet you guys, (yes, I’m sure that 90% of the readers of this story will be guys) but to the ladies out there, hello and welcome to this site. That’s because whoever you may be, you’re about to discover the best kept secret in the bedroom! To the women out there, you know that this article was created only because we want to fulfill your dreams of having long and satisfying sexual experiences? Anyhow, lets get back to the point of my story and I really hope you will be interested because I promise you, this will be worth your while.

Let me introduce myself. Im Michael, 25 years old, an average looking guy. I’ve been working in a car factory for 3 years now and I can honestly say that it‘s quite a good job.

I live a pretty good live. I don’t have complaints except for the one thing that has been bothering me for more than a decade. In fact, it’s been 12 years to be exact. It started when I was 18 when I first had my sexual experience. Things in the bedroom haven’t always been easy. You’d think that a hormone-driven 18-year old could have sex the entire day and revel in his sexuality. Nope! Not me! That’s because I was one of the unfortunate few who suffered from premature ejaculation. Embarrassing, I know, but if my story can help men like me out there, then I am more than willing to share the details.

So do I already know how to fix premature ejaculation? Yes, I know, and I will tell you how I found the very solution to my dilemma! Read on because it will also help you understand my story more.

My first sexual encounter was the perfect 20-second experience!

I hear you shouting now, “20 seconds?!” Don’t give me that violent reaction just yet. Just continue..

Her name was Linda, my first love, and my first real romantic experience. I remember how everything went so well. You know, kissing, touching each other, and then she’d dare venture further south with her hands, and before I knew it, BOOM, I was done! Did I say 20 seconds? Nope, I think this was even less.

I’m sure that you are telling yourself right now, “Nah, that’s perfectly normal case. This happens to men in their first sexual experience when they’re not trained in the art of lovemaking. He’ll be better when he practices more.” Thanks for the vote of confidence because at that time, I thought it was exactly that!

So came the second experience. Same results. Okay, maybe I was expecting to become a pro too soon. Give me time because I’m sure this isn’t as uncommon as I think. Third time better. I lasted 1 minute longer. Yay! I’m certainly going to be the Casanova in the bedroom. Women will come to me for sex advice. They’ll be lining up in my doorstep just to experience that perfect night with me. And all my ex lovers will be thinking about me on their honeymoon night because I’m the best they’ve ever had.

Well, so much for wishful thinking! Ha! Boy, was I ever mistaken. In fact, you can call me naïve at this point in my life. Fifteenth time – I lasted a mere 2 minutes. Talk about slow improvement. In fact, I was an embarrassment. You get my point? I had sex with same partner, in same conditions. I was already horrified and scared because what I was experiencing wasn’t normal. So, I did some research and discovered that my condition had a name, and it is called premature ejaculation!

Wait, isn’t this a problem that’s common to aging men? What you’re thinking about is another problem altogether, and that’s not where I’m headed. Premature ejaculation affects men from all walks of life – young or old, rich or poor, active or sedentary. So now, I basically had to share my problem and talk about it with my girlfriend because it affected her too. She deserved to know what was going on and what needed to be done.

I finally opened up to Linda about it and she was great! She didn’t laugh at me. She even tried to show things down for me to help delay orgasm, but we didn’t know then that sometimes, slower is even worse than quicker.

So, you think that I will start promoting any product right now? How I found help and how superb it is? Don’t be silly! I was only 18 years old and my life was about lots of things. Yes, I knew I needed “assistance,” so to speak, but I also just had too much on my mind.

Anyway, I finally decided to start searching some information about premature ejaculation. I thought that I was alone in this case. Or maybe, only a handful of men are going through what I was going through. I was wrong. I was blown away at the number of guys have the same problem. The Internet opened my eyes to reality. This invention was probably one of my greatest allies because I realized that I wasn’t alone and that I wasn’t as strange. I find lots of helpful guys who were willing to share their stories, listen to my fears, and reassure me.

Talking about premature ejaculation with your friends is not a good idea!

Why resort to strangers from the other the other side of the world? You have friends. You can talk to them.

Yes, to be honest I tried opening up to a few close buds. After reading few articles about premature ejaculation I thought that lots of guys had a problem with it too. I’m sure that a couple of people I knew couldn’t extend to 5 minutes or longer. Many of them couldn’t satisfy their girlfriends.

I said to myself that I have 5 friends. So definitely, at least one of them will have the same problem.  NOPE! Or, at least, they refused to tell me the truth. To say it was awkward is an understatement. I felt really odd. To be honest, it’s really not something men are inclined to speak freely about. This is a hush-hush topic, something that should be kept hidden. That is, unless, you talk to a doctor.

Anyway, let me continue…

My greatest advice is: Don’t destroy your relationships because this CLIMAX problems!

So, what specifically is premature ejaculation and when do you need help?

We, as human beings, need to find partners. There are different kinds of relationship, but when you do find that special someone, you need to fulfill the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of that person. The latter is extremely important because sex can make or break you.

Tell me, how do you feel when you climax too quickly? When your girlfriend looks at you with a sad look in her eyes and says things like, “No problem, honey, that doesn’t matter!” You know it does and you know that she’s only saying those things to make you feel better. She might be okay with it at first, but if this remains, she’ll eventually turn her back on you and walk out the door.

Sexual relationships are important and you know what, you need to admit that you have a problem that needs fixing immediately. Yes, sex ending too quickly is a situation that screams for change! It’s time to make your girlfriend happy.

This is when you should realize that you have problem with PE.

I found the answer to my problem in the Internet, but is it what I need?

Yes, to be honest, I found a lot of different solutions for premature ejaculation. The most common solution that I found on Internet was that I needed to work with my mind. PE is often a psychological issue and maybe therapy helps.

I’m sure you heard about this: Are you having sex and you think that you orgasm too quickly and too soon? Well, the best solution would be to start thinking about anything gross or bad. You feel that tension build up? Visualize an unattractive woman. Or for some men, think about your mother-in-law. Yes, it’s a really sad solution, but hey, it helps some men.

Do you really want to resort to this? Every time you have sex just thinking about anything or anyone else than the beautiful woman in front of you is just messed up.

From here on, I will keep things simple and direct: I found lots of answers, but nothing really worked efficiently and I felt really uncomfortable trying all of them. Constant exercise, psychological training – not everyone knows how to do this without shelling out a big amount of cash for expert help.

I needed something simpler, faster, easier, and more long lasting. A needed the perfect solution.

Fixing premature ejaculation in 5 minutes every time I needed it. My perfect, safe, and straightforward answer to lasting longer between the sheets!

Pelay Full PackTo keep it simple, my answer and solution is definitely product called: PELAY GEL.  Don’t be disappointed just yet. I know there are lots of desensitizing sprays or creams available in the market today. YES, in fact, I tried them all. Multiple times. I was still left wanting for more.

99% of the products that work have LIDOCAINE as its base ingredient. I mean, it makes absolutely no difference if you buy product #1 or #2 because its just lidocaine in spray or cream or in some other form. And what is lidocaine? It’s nothing more than a topical anesthetic that’s actually quite strong!


When you put this product on your “tool,“ it’s quite possible that you will last longer, the drawback is that you will not feel the buildup of a satisfying orgasm, the passion and fulfillment of finishing it. Simply put, you will not enjoy sex because of LIDOCAINE. But that’s not the worst part. This substance could transfer from your “tool“ to your partner’s skin as well. Your girl will feel numb down there too. Sex will simply be an act for you two, not something that you can enjoy fully.

Tell me what in the world is this? Is this even sex when you don’t feel the connection with your partner and sensation that goes with it? These are the important things. You don’t feel the LOVE!

How Is PELAY GEL different?

I personally have 3 bottles of Pelay Gel at home right now. This gel is the small miracle that I’ve been searching for. Right now I change partners little bit often, I’m still young, right? And this gel makes me last longer anytime I want and need.

It’s without LIDOCAINE and it works like a charm!

I don’t know full list of ingredients of this product (it’s part of their secret). Don’t panic because it’s made from natural substances as they’ve assured me. The best part of it all is that the product doesn’t contain lidocaine. Nonetheless, it’s very effective because it gives me the much longer sex time that I’ve been craving for.


Because of the wonderful the ingredients, I feel every movement when I’m inside my partner. I enjoy having sex now because I can satisfy my partner and we feel every touch and caress. I can even go on for hours at a time. It’s really hard for me to describe how I feel after using this gel but I can tell you this, I now know how to control my ejaculation.

With Pelay gel, your penis sensitivity will remain at least 90% same. I promise you this and the gel won’t affect your partner, ever!

I don’t know how to put everything into words but I just wanted all of you to know that this product has changed my life. I no longer use it every single time, but when I do want to please my woman, I just slather a dollop on my shaft and wait 10 minutes.  It gives me absolute control over PE. I can last longer than my girl. Can you believe that?

I also saw that they are still offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, so everyone can experience a much longer sex time!

Read more about Pelay Gel and other techniques about lasting longer here:

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